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When it comes to aerial and satellite installation or repairs there are usually quite a few service engineers of one type or another available for employment in a customers current location. So, with there being no shortage of fitters in an area you’d be mistaken in thinking that firstly it must be a fairly easy job since theres no shortage of fitters. Secondly people are often caught out in the wrong belief that they are all as good as each other. This simply isn’t right and couldn’t be further from the truth. The thing is there is no law in the land that says what the minimum standard qualification is for either and aerial fitter or satellite engineer. So, since this is the case as of now, people shouldn’t assume that one fitter is as good as the other.

How to Find a Good Aerial Installer

So, if there is a need for an aerial & satellite engineer a potential customer needs to do their homework in finding as much about the fitters previous jobs and also about their reputation, aswell as if they carry any qualifications making him or her suitable for the work which they’ll need to be commissioned to do. As mentioned before there is no authority enforcing a minimum qualification or experience for an engineer, but there are a couple of bodies which although being private institutions are a good barrometer to indicating whether an engineer is a true professional. These trade bodies or association are:

  • cai – UK’s representative trade association for businesses across the whole spectrum of delivering video, audio and data around the home and commercial properties. Formed incai aerial fitters 1978 the Confederation represents installers, manufacturers, distributors & broadcast operators engaged in networking signals to all types of properties.  We are different from most trade bodies in that applicants for membership have to undergo an assessment to check they can achieve compliance to the CAI’s codes of practice & conduct which are recognised by broadcasters and government as best practice. By choosing a CAI member to advise or complete the work you require you are assured of competence & compliance.

  • Rdi – Hiring an RDI tradesman could be one of the best things you do today and it couldn’t be easier as getmedigital.com has done the hard work


    for you. All tradesmen listed on the site have been approved by the RDI. The RDI vets every single one of its members to make sure that each tradesman has received the relevant training for the services advertised and that any qualifications and certificates have been checked and are up to date.

As the above quotes mention, members to these trade bodies is only possible if the aerial fitter is both qualified in qualifications and experience. This is very helpful when looking to employ the services of an aerial & satellite engineer. For more info on the subject of TV Aerial Installation, click here http://www.digitec-aerials.co.uk/tv-aerial-installation.html

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Digital TV Aerial Installation for Freeview http://www.legendofthereddragon.ca/digital-tv-aerial-installation-for-freeview/ http://www.legendofthereddragon.ca/digital-tv-aerial-installation-for-freeview/#respond Tue, 16 Feb 2016 16:29:01 +0000 http://www.legendofthereddragon.ca/?p=20 Ever before, there was this specific ADVERTISEMENT within the media in which a bee that had been in critical search […]

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Ever before, there was this specific ADVERTISEMENT within the media in which a bee that had been in critical search of the most extremely beautiful hunting bouquets in it is location chosen the particular colorful crimson as well as yellow-colored bouquets in a neighborhood house’s family room. Incidentally, the particular supposedly colored petals that this bee had noticed were being around the Dynamics Sales channel in TELEVISION! Everthing seemed thus true not only to the bees however and then to the particular human eyes!!

Ever looked at obtaining that engineering which is every thing around the TV screen seems to be thus true; which recording, pausing, rewinding, as well as playback were being all immediate? Yes, it is also possible. While using appropriate prepare, instruments as well as step-by-step set up, an individual is able to end up being continuing your journey for you to get by yourself some sort of the surface of the fine art observing expertise in your family room.

depending on how an individual might would like to tactic the set up, the idea undoubtedly won’t appear by way of rather easy as well as might get an individual several bit of added work.

aerial and satellite servicesPREPARE YOURSELF AND ALSO STRATEGY AWAY

The particular major stage to obtaining television in your family room, bedroom as well as library would be the initial basic as well as setting up stages. Have the appropriate Television set constantly in place. Whether a complete residence HD DVR system for the activity place or possibly a easy flat tv screen television for the examination place as well as library, choice is usually what matters here. So that each of the working instruments have been in spot would have been a wise action to take. Some sort of corporate can enable you reach a lot of the larger locations involving just about any create opportunities. Pertaining to this kind of set up, an individual might make certain you possess the exact wall membrane brackets to support it to the wall membrane or maybe some sort of TELEVISION stand in the event you should include this specific within the activity place. Walls mounting brackets, screws, screw drivers as well as coaxial converter cables might end up being a few of the gear an individual don’t would like to overlook within the setting up period.


Essential to note is usually that there’ll be no image photographs around the tv screen in the event you bought no person to provide these right now there. The particular Satellite television dude can this specific function. Do your homework well. Make sure you get the proper service provider to provide the proper channels that may selection the style as well as desires. The need to ponder involving month-to-month expenses involving TV month-to-month expenses involving TELE plus the good involving providers provided might be considered a good thing to help consider. Buying a reasonable costs supplier which offers squashed upward photographs on the gogglebox could make an individual far more aggravated when compared to a a little bit far more expensive supplier together with good providers.


The installation of TV isn’t about purely having a vibrantly mastered image forthcoming onto your tv screen. This will go beyond obtaining the full set up combination simply just very good in to the finely offered inside décor. Raceways will help you avoid tangled cords splattered all around the place causing these kinds of messy sceneries to the eyesight. These kind of converter cables is able to furthermore run at the rear of baseboards as well as in this way, they’ll be concealed absent to present a good remarkable finishing that makes it could be seen as a specialist specialist did the particular set up function.


Pertaining to situations were being you might be heading e include wall membrane mount installation, it is crucial that this appropriate angle as well as proper eyesight ranges are proven. It might be extremely sad in the event the viewer will need to pressure the particular eyes, as well as keep on stretches the particular neck in order to get a clear check out from the TELEVISION soon after set up. Figure out the proper height, check out as well as angle involving set up.

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The do’s & dont’s of Television Antenna Installation http://www.legendofthereddragon.ca/the-dos-donts-of-television-antenna-installation/ http://www.legendofthereddragon.ca/the-dos-donts-of-television-antenna-installation/#respond Mon, 15 Feb 2016 23:25:02 +0000 http://www.legendofthereddragon.ca/?p=18 If you are a jobbing DIYer and enjoy performing the many repair tasks around the home, then once in a […]

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If you are a jobbing DIYer and enjoy performing the many repair tasks around the home, then once in a while fitting a TV aerial to the house will be one of them. Although it isn’t  task that is often done, it is useful to have the knowledge when it is needed. So, for this instance we are looking at an aerial installation rathr than a repair. The first thing that should be done which will make life easy on yourself is to go outside your property and look to the rooves of your neighbours homes and see firstly which way their TV Antennas are facing and then secondly see if the actual antenna is mounted on the vertical or the horizontal position. The reason that it is mounted in either the horizontal or vertical is to pick up the transmission from either a main transmitter mast or a relay mast. When the aerial is horizontal it will be pointing at a main transmitter, and vertical for a relay.

So, once that has been established, both direction and how to mount it, it is now where to place it. There are 3 usual places where an antenna will be installed,

  1. On the chimney. There are a few ways to fix them to the chimney, one way is to use a lashing kit. A lashing kit is a system where a wire is run around the the bredth of the chimney that attaches to a galvenised corner bracket. A mast is then bolted to the bracket using v bolts. Another way is to bolt a stand of bracket direct to the chimney, and then the mast is fixed to the bracket with v bolts.
  2. The Gable end. This is where a stand off bracket is bolted to the apex of the gable end of a property and either a straight or cranked mast is the fixed to the bracket with the aerial at the top of the mast.
  3. In the Loft. This is as the name suggests an aerial istallation in the loft space of a house. Although you can lose upto 50% of the signal in the loft, if you can get a good signal in the loft, it is a good place to install one. This is because it will never be exposed to the ravages of the weather, which is what usually kills most aerial systems in the end.

If in an area where the signal is strong, then a diy installer can usually get away with fitting a TV aerial without the need for an aerial meter. However, if not then a meter will be needed to check both the strength of the signal and quality too. All in all if you are one to give it ago, and are not afraid of heights, then by following the simple suggestions you should be able to carry out an installation yourself


aerial installation

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Satellite TV Installation Tips http://www.legendofthereddragon.ca/satellite-tv-installation-tips/ http://www.legendofthereddragon.ca/satellite-tv-installation-tips/#respond Sat, 19 Dec 2015 21:50:05 +0000 http://www.legendofthereddragon.ca/?p=12 Satellite TV refers to a type of television programming which is wirelessly transmitted to TV sets all over the world […]

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Satellite TV refers to a type of television programming which is wirelessly transmitted to TV sets all over the world through a network of radio signals, broadcast centers, communication satellites and outdoor antennas or satellite dishes. The broadcasted TV signals are from satellites which orbit the earth and are received by regional and local satellite TV systems. In recent years, satellite TV has become increasingly popular in many countries around the world. This is because of its relatively affordable cost, comprehensive choice of channels and high quality pictures. It is also easy to connect and reliable, once it is set up properly.

Satellite TV

If you decide to get a satellite TV system for your house, the next step is to get it installed. Nearly all satellite TV installations nowadays are carried out by experienced and well-trained professionals who are familiar with the technical aspects of your system. Such professionals will also consider the effects of the installing on the appearance of your home. Nevertheless the entry of someone (even a qualified professional) in your home carrying power drills, long coaxial cables and staple guns may induce some anxiety. Additionally, while a satellite dish may be cute and inconspicuous, it may have a slightly intrusive effect on your house’s appearance.

Here are several satellite TV installation tips you need to consider in order to avoid potential problems and ensure a better overall installation:

1)Fully understand what it is you are getting

Prior to scheduling the installation, you must understand what your system includes. Ensure you get all your questions answered at the point of sale. Typical issues include the number of TVs that can be hooked into the system and whether you will be able to view different channels on them.If you are installing a commercial satellite TV system, you also need to ask whether the system has modern features like High Definition(HD) and Digital Video Recording(DVR) capabilities. You also need to ask what your total monthly bill will be after the free promotional packages (if any are provided) have expired. These issues need to be addressed by the sales representative and not the installer later. Additionally you need to research and compare various satellite TV providers to ensure you get the best deal and quality. While you do your research, remember to write down your favorite programs or those that you watch frequently. This helps you to select the best package for your needs.

2)Plan for the installation

The dish must have a clear view of the sky (the southern sky for people in the northern hemisphere). Your installer will be equipped with the relevant dish-pointing tools that pinpoint the exact position of the satellite. You will also be advised on the best location of the dish in order to get a clear, unobstructed view of the sky. The satellite dish can be affected by objects such as trees and surrounding buildings. Also remember that the alignment of the top section of the dish mast must be vertical. If this alignment is off by even a few degrees, it will be very hard to find satellite signals. In some cases, the best location may be away from the house-for example placed in the lawn or garden. Such places need to be prepared. You may need to dig holes and use cement to construct a firm platform for the mast.

3)Whip the house into shape

Installation of the satellite TV system may require access to your basement and attic or even closets to pass cables through. The installation path needs to be clear. Your installer should not have to remove objects in the basement or clean out cluttered closets in order to run the cables. When you learn about where the cables will pass (your installer may need to assess your home before the process starts), you need to clear the way ahead of the installer.

4)You must ask questions

Any credible professional installer will not mind if you observe the installation and ask all the questions you like about the installation. Even though they need to work efficiently, part of the installer’s job is to offer information and reasons for whatever they do. Some installers may even need your help, depending on the method of installation.

Finally before they leave, the installer must show you how you to operate your system. However, you may not remember everything you are told. Therefore, ensure you have a user’s manual, a toll-free help number and the help and information channel of your satellite TV provider.

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